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"naok fujimoto" is a multidisciplinary Japanese artist whose work spans science, philosophy, gender and society.

She studied sculpture and contemporary art at Royal College of Art in London after having been a young caregiver and survivor.

She received instruction from Professor Glynn Williams and Ms.Helen Chadwick, both British artists at Royal College of Art. These two artists have very different styles and ways of expressing themselves. So, ”naok fujimoto" was able to learn various styles of expression and ways of thinking from various viewpoints with a dialogue of art, science, philosophy, and so on. This was a very valuable experience for her.

When ”naok fujimoto" met Helen Chadwick at her studio in London, Helen told "naok fujimoto", ”Artist life is very slow. But don't worry, and don't be rushed, I have endured the same way. You can do it.” Helen's words still encourage her today.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art, she left London to join Tokyo Institute of Technology robotics lab in Japan. This was because she was interested in the mechanism of robotics like moving sculpture. She then expanded her activities as a research fellow at Osaka University and the University of Tokyo to conduct further science communication and outreach activities as well as human resource development projects at universities such as community service activities. 

She supported projects promoting science communication activities and community service with scientists, researchers, science museums, local governments, scientific volunteers in local communities, and so on. She aimed to create the opportunity can discuss and communicate with each other in public. Then she felt that these activities seem like invisible installation artworks.

On the other hand, she had to be faced family problems during this time and took care of her family and attend to them again. This was a very difficult time for her. Unfortunately. A woman's life comes to some events that she cannot manipulate yet. Because it was difficult for her to continue creating art as an artist while balancing family and work. However, there was a turning point in 2017. Ironically, after her family left, her life as an artist began again. These experiences also provided a meaningful incentive for her to think about community service using art. They feel that there is a life beginning with the loss of something. 

Around the same time, “naok fujimoto” met a Japanese video artist Ko Nakajima (1941-), who inspired her to begin her life as an artist again. In particular, the encounter with Nakajima's masterpiece "My Life" (1977-) which was collected by MOMA, the artwork that took about 50 years to complete and was based on the theme of life and death, provided an opportunity for “naok fujimoto” to regain her herself as an artist.

Ko NAKAJIMA told “naok fujimoto” that continuing to create artwork is a long journey that sometimes creates conflicts with his family, and that he has to keep fighting with them. His words with a role model of an artist gave “naok fujimoto” great courage again.

Today, “naok fujimoto” and Ko NAKAJIMA continue their friendship, “naok fujimoto” has organized ”Philosophy Dialogues”, exhibitions, and others with Ko NAKAJIMA since 2018.

Now she continues to challenge how to set up and develop art in our society more and more. 

University of Tokyo/Art Management of Socially Engaged Art (AMSEA)
Royal College of ArtMaster of Fine art /sculpture held by RCA, England, UK 

Goldsmiths College, University of London Postgraduate Diploma/Creative arts

*Award Grants
Best Presentation for audience awarded by University of Tokyo/AMSEA 2018
Logo Design Competition awarded by Fukushi Club Cooperative 2010
Recipe Competition awarded by Ajinomoto Co.Ltd & The Asahi Shimbun Company1996
Grant and Fellowship of Royal College of Art 
Fellowship of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, London 
*Work Experience
Researcher: The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 2015-
Researcher: Osaka University, 21c-Kaitokudo, Osaka. 2014-2015
Teacher: Junior high school and  Elementary school of Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Center 2010-2014
Lecturer: Yamano Beauty College, Tokyo. 2010-2011
Researcher: Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, 2010-2011
Research Support Staff: Japan Science and Technology, Tokyo 2004-2009
Research Support Staff: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo 2004-2010
Lecture & Show: Cit'e International des Art's; Paris, France
Geek Love Project Vol.4,《Collective Memory》Could I talk about my own story?,Tokyo
supported by the British Council,2023
Geek Love Project Vol.1, Go Beyond Stereotypes, Tokyo, supported by ArtsCouncil Tokyo, 2019
Small Talk Project Vol.1 with Small Talk Project, Tokyo, 2018  
Join the project “SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR ART AND CULTURE”, Tokyo, 2020 ​​
Group show: "Geek Love Project Vol.1-Go Beyond Stereotypes" Tokyo, supported by ArtsCouncil Tokyo, 2019
Solo show: “Gardenation -Mr.O's Room-”,Nroom artspace, Tokyo, Japan 2010
Group show: GEISAI#14, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
Group show: Video Film; “Look for "My Boom"!; Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Group show: “ROBOFESTA 2001”: Yokohama Japan with Tokyo Institute of Technology
Group show: “Soft Toy Project”: supported by Ginza Mitsukoshi LTD., Tokyo, Japan

Group show: “Andepandan”: Tokyo metropolitan museum, Tokyo Japan

Group show: “6 × 4 RCA”: Doncaster city and museum gallery, Doncaster, England, UK

Group show: “Young Artist Show”: supported by ART FORUM, London, England, UK

Group show: “Summer Show”: Mercury Gallery, London England, UK

Group show: “6 × 4 RCA”: Doncaster city and museum gallery, Doncaster, England,

Group show: “Young Artist Show”: supported by ART FORUM, London, England, UK

Group show: “Summer Show”: Mercury Gallery, London England, UK

Group show: " Atrium gallery": supported by Cooper’s & Lybrand.UK, London, England, UK

Group show: "The show": Henry Moore gallery RCA, London, England, UK

*Web Design direction

Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

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