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”naok fujimoto”は、以下の3つのアート・クリエイションを目的に、

The following three artistic creations are targeted by "naok fujimoto",

1) アート作品の制作と研究   Creation and research of artworks        

2) 展覧会イベントの企画  Organizing exhibition events        

3) 対話の創出とその可視化   Dialogue creation and its visualization    



"naok fujimoto" works with three profiles: artist, curator and  facilitator for philosophical dialogue.  


"naok fujimoto" hopes to create a new interactive narrative through these activities.


白背景スモールGEek LOve Projet_edited.png

Geek Love Project


as the Curator


"Art for Community" をテーマに、2018年〜以下の3つの取り組みを行うキュレーションをコレクティブです。

① “ART×科学=対話”をモットーに、新たな気づきのあるアート・クリエーションの創出。



GeeK Love Project is a curatorial collective that was established in 2018 under the theme of "Art for the Community", with the following three initiatives.

①ART x Science = Dialogue

Creating art with a new awarness.


②"Watch x Listen x Talk"

Developing interactive arts involving citizens.

​③To contribute to the creation of a platform where everyone can equally enjoy communication through art.

茶色、月桂樹、農業、ロゴ (18).png

naok fujimoto

as an artist

​Art is Heart.


​      "観る×聞く×話す"の              《哲愕カフェ by NAoK》 as the Interpreter

”New Act of Knowledge” (新たな知の営み)として、2018年〜"Dialogue with ART"をモットーに”対話のアクティビティ”を実践しています。

​アートや科学コミュニケーションをテーマに、哲学対話 /哲学カフェの手法を用いた市民参加型の”対話のアクティビティ”(鑑賞活動やリテラシー体験など)を博物館や美術館、図書館、大学などの教育機関をはじめ、ギャラリーやカフェなどで展開しています。


naok fujimoto organize "Dialogue Activities" under the motto "Dialogue with ART" as part of the "New Act of Knowledge" since 2018.

The project offers public participatory 'dialogue activities' (e.g. appreciation and literacy experiences) on art and science communication using the method of Philosophical Dialogue (Philosophy Cafés) in museums, librariles, universities and other educational institutions, as well as in galleries and cafés.

naok fujimoto hope that new insights and discoveries will be made in our daily lives through the three activities of ”Watching✖️Listening ✖️Talking”.

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