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Their consistent concept is “The relationship of observer and observed".

They intend that the observer becomes a part of her works, they can feel unexpected emotional feelings and come to know themselves when the observer and the observed share the same space. She is challenging what social position to give to art and developing it seeking the objective self-existence and daily life as one of the society with several different experiences.

NAOK (New Act of Knowledge)
哲愕カフェ by NAOK
Cats, Bread and Roses
Cats, Bread and Roses
Scenario Dialogue Vol.1
Scenario Dialogue Vol.1
Flying  cat@tokyo
Stayhome & Dailyhome
GeekLoveProject Vol.1
Beyond to the Stereotype
a part of synchronization
Small Talk Project Vol.1
a part of gardenation
3 -three-
a part of gardenation
a part of Mr.O's Room
Cubic Person
The Chair
A part of synchlonizationのコピー
A hold on sounds
The dance
The family
The melting spoon
Tea couple
a part of synchronization
video work (15mins)
whole water, worm water
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